New Beginnings in Indie Publishing, Art, and More

I am a fulltime artist, writer, audio professional, and social media user. I recently began working more full time on projects related to gallery work, indie publishing, and sound design. Now it seems all of these things are starting to merge together. This space will reflect all that…stay tuned. Especially on the indie publishing front.

Specifically with regard to graphic novels, sequential storytelling, zines, self publishing and all related things. I started a very long journey in these areas back in 1987 with a crude, hand-printed xeroxed zine (more of an elaborate flyer, really) called Putrid Doom. It was terrible, and was read by maybe five people. But it got me started on a journey in indie publishing that took me places I never dreamed.

I stopped publishing in the late 90s, briefly returned in the 2000s, and thought I had “grown out of all that”. But as it happens, I didn’t grow out of self publishing, just out of my formerly more ranty, self-indulgent, and if I’m totally honest really egotistical writing style. I also found my own voice rather than aping the non-fiction style of Stephen King, Hunter S. Thompson with shades of Kurt Vonnegut thrown in for good measure.

Today I write, create art, and compose music that deal with dark themes of urban lonliness, alienation, industrial decay, sexual situations and more.

I can be reached at:

If you’re in need of my writing expertise (my past clients include Lionel, Motorola,, and contact me via e-mail:

My audio resume and experience are found at:

You can get a basic idea of what I’m about with regard to audio at

You can also hear samples of my music and sound effects work at

In brief:

I record, edit, produce and write. My production experience includes both video and audio–I am very experienced with Avid Media Composer, Final Cut X, Pro Tools, Cubase, Audacity, and many other audio/video platforms.

My personal equipment locker includes the Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder, Sennheiser 416 shotgun mics and a variety of other pro gear. I prefer Lectrosonics 400 series wireless mics.

My work includes half-hour reality TV documentary projects for Air Force Television News, 30 second spot production for radio and televison, and indie film projects. My location audio work includes a variety of sound effects capture projects and Chicago-based independent films.

My production clients include the Texas Society of Sculptors,,, Shedd Aquarium, and WildClaw Theatre Company.

Experience and Awards

My half-hour television documentary, “The Making Of An Air Force Recruiter” won the International Association of Audio Visual Communicators Gold CINDY award in the Film/Video category. Earlier in my career, my coverage of the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing was a first-place finisher in the Radio Feature category of the 1996 International Gold Screen Competition. I’ve earned numerous other awards individually and as part of the Air Force Television News Team of producers and editors.

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